We help brands and retailers to sell directly to Chinese consumers in one of the most profitable ecommerce markets in the world, by selling through online marketplace giants Tmall Global and JD.com.

We take care of everything, so all you have to do is pick and pack your orders:

Customer Service

We chat to customers using local communication channels to respond in real time.


We manage all technical integrations between your internal systems and the Chinese marketplaces.

Store Design

We create dynamic store fronts to showcase your brand.

Currency Conversion

We convert your sales into your preferred currency.

Customs, Tax, Legal

We take care of all duties, tax and legal requirements.


We ship your products straight from your warehouse directly to your customer's front door.

Translation & Localisation

We work with native speakers to translate and localise your product listings.

Account Management

We handle the day-to-day management of your store, provide KPI reports and push for promotional deals.

Population is estimated at 1,362 billion

649 million internet users and over
16 million online shoppers

Online market set to reach $541 billion by the end of 2015

Cross-border trade is expected to reach $130bn by the end of 2015

Alibaba's online sales surpassed $14.3bn within 24 hours on Singles`Day 2015

90% of all Chinese based ecommerce transactions are completed through marketplaces

Ecommerce market has been growing by 71% annually since 2009

China's largest B2C online retail platform

Over 100,000,000 daily unique visitors

GMV exceeds $296

The17th most
visited site in the world

Over 279 million
annual active buyers

The largest online direct sales company in China with 56.3% of the market share

118 million active customer accounts

Around 76,000 marketplace merchants

47% of the total orders made so far in 2015 come from mobile devices

166 warehouses in 44 cities, covering 2050 districts and counties nationwide

China Retail is a joint venture between UK based ecommerce service provider Pentagon, and China based cross-border ecommerce consultancy and operations company BPH.

Pentagon and BPH have come together to offer British and European retailers a simple solution for selling directly to Chinese consumers, combining our years of client management experience and local consumer knowledge.

China Retail is committed to putting our clients first and we will always find the best solution to suit your needs. We embrace new ideas and are quick to adapt to changing customer demands and industry developments. Our experienced team will always provide you with full visibility on the sales process and will work closely with your team to boost brand awareness and increase sales revenue.

Call: +44 (0)20 8940 5392

Email: hello@chinaretail.eu